Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Special offer from M&S

Special offer from M&S:

'Marks and Spencer Your School Uniform Free Delivery Promotion!

From 24th December 2017 to 13th January 2018 (inclusive) we will be offering free delivery on all Marks and Spencer Your School Uniform orders.  

Furthermore, anyone who places an order will receive a unique code that will be sent via email (once the order has been processed). When used at checkout on M&S.com, this will give free delivery also on any products in the M&S kidswear range over the same period.

Please note this code may be used once only and is exclusive to customers of schools who use the M&S Your School Uniform Service

We wish you all a very happy Christmas'

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Adverse Weather

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In the event that there needs to be a school closure due to adverse weather conditions, the decision will be made in the morning and you will be notified via ParentPay and the school website.  Our staff will make every effort to get to school, but if there is travel disruption which will affect those staff who live a considerable distance away, then the school may need to close if there is not adequate staffing cover.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Fundraise while you're shopping

Dear Parents,
We’ve signed up with the charity School Angel so we can now raise funds for the PA* while we shop online.

Here’s how it works:
1) Visit our School Angel page: www.schoolangel.org.uk/upminster-infant-school.html
2) Click on the link for your favourite online shop (over 70 retailers are in the scheme)
3) Sign into your Amazon / M&S / etc account with your usual login, add items to your basket, and checkout(without closing your browser)

There is no signup or login for School Angel. They track the link using an advertiser reference code, then they give us 90% of the advertising revenue generated.

Most shops pay a percentage on the value of your order (before VAT), but it varies by product; for example: Amazon pay between 1% and 6%, John Lewis pay between 2.5% and 7%, Kitbag pay 10% on all orders, Sainsbury’s pay £1 per online grocery shop.

Please encourage family members to use the links too! The links can be used for business purchases as well as Christmas shopping.

For more information, see the Infant School PTA fundraising page: www.upminsterinfantspta.co.uk/fundraising-links/

If you forget the url, google "Upminster infant fundraising" and you'll get there.

Thank you for your support,

Upminster Infants PTA

*Funds raised will be split between the infant and junior schools (even though the links all say ‘upminster infant’).

Friday, 6 October 2017

British Values display

Each year group was given one of the British Values to illustrate, which we merged into one display - look how creative they are!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

sQuid and Parentpay

Welcome back to school! Just a quick reminder that everyone needs to be signed up to sQuid to pay for school dinners and Parentpay to receive communication from the school and to pay for trips and activities.

Autumn Activity Brochure

Autumn Activity Brochure

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Local History Project

A small group of Year 6 students have been looking at the School’s log books.  We learnt that our school was nicknamed The Bell after a pub that used to be on the corner of the road.  We also found out that where the bike shed now is, there was an unexploded bomb during the World War 2.  In the hall there was a swordfish sword in a display cabinet.

After break we interviewed two local businessmen,  Mr Roomes and Mr Parish.  We had thought of interesting questions to ask them the day before and we were excited to meet them.  Firstly, we interviewed Mr Roomes.  He said that he and his brother used to own two different branches, however they sold off the one which is now Roomes Fashion store.  After a little break, we interviewed Mr Parish, who said that his great grandfather established the original estate agents in Green Lane in Upton Park.

Mr Roomes and Mr Parish remember having their school photos taken in the quad of the school and being threatened with the wooden cane, by their year 4 teacher.

We will be making a history display for the reception area, based on what we have learnt about this week.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Visiting Manor Juniors

A group of Year 6 students visited Ms Puirseil’s previous school, Manor Juniors in Upney. 

For the first lesson, we had PE where we started with a slow warm up and then moved on to Just Dance (a fitness workout).  Finally for that lesson we followed the instructions of The Body Coach (Joe Wicks) who does intensive fitness videos. 

After a singing assembly, we had break time, where we were introduced to some very friendly people that looked after us.  

Penultimately we had to think whether we thought SATs were important to take or not.  Of course the majority of people didn’t think they were necessary!!  We had lunch with the children from Manor and then came back to school.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Cashless Catering

Havering Catering Services' cashless system, 'Squid' launches at UJS on Thursday 20th April. Please ensure you are ready by creating your account, and loading money to onto it before Thursday morning.

If there are not sufficient funds on your account, you will have to bring a packed lunch in for the child.

If you chose to send your child with a packed lunch, or if they receive Free School Meals, you do not need to load money.

Details were on the letter sent home last term; please request a replacement from the office if needed.

Please remember that we will no longer be selling morning snacks or lunchtime squash.

Trips and events etc will continue on ParentPay. The Catering team will be arranging refunds/credits for any tickets you may still have.

For more assistance visit:



Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Measuring Jugs

We normally copytype the Class Reporter's submissions, but this scientific report from 3GM is so beautifully written that it's shown in it's original format.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

O2 Young Voices

5Z reports-

Everyone is excited about Young Voices with lots of schools coming to sing. We hope everyone enjoys the performance tonight, have a fantastic time!

Friday, 13 January 2017


Upmister Junior School is a GOOD school!

Click here to read the report of OFSTED's recent inspection. Thank you to all the children, staff and families who took part.

"Pupils' progress is improving because of the good standard of teaching across the school"
”Leaders and governors have made sure the the school has sustained the high attainment for pupils in reading, writing and mathematics"
“Leaders use good teaching practice across the school to model high expectations for all staff" 
"Teachers ensure that work matches the abilities of pupils"

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Party!

On the last day of term we had a Christmas Party. We loved decorating our tables in a Christmas theme and the Secret Santa was a great idea. The food was delicious and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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6S Class Reporter

Monday, 19 December 2016

Year Five Production - reviews

Parents, Governors and Guests will be seeing the Year 5 production this week. To whet your appetite for the show, here are two reviews of their performance of 'Ebenezer':

'In the year 5 production there are some very nice songs. I like how they use actions. It is amazing how they have remembered their lines. Their acting is amazing! There are some very funny jokes. They all have beautiful singing and acting skills. I like it when they show Scrouge's past.'

- 4Z Class Reporter

'Ebenezer, the year five production that my class watched, was exceedingly good, and I could tell that the pupils and staff put a great detail of work into it. How do I know this? Firstly, the year fives definitely got a five star rating for acting completely like Victorians, and the few pupils that played Ebenezer Scrooge truly mastered his attitude and character. Next, the songs were another brilliant feature as all the children put a ton of effort and passion in to singing all the words and doing the actions. I particularly liked the song 'Hate Everybody' as it made me laugh, and the song 'It's too late now' had some fantastic extra characters! Lastly, I really loved the character of Fred (Scrooge's nephew). The actor showed a lot of enthusiasm and did an amazing job.

All in all, I believe that all the parents that go to see this play will absolutely love it. Well done year five!'

- 6P Class Reporter